The story of how fruit came into the world

This story encourages the listeners to treat nature with respect and teaches how seeds spread and plant themselves in rainforest floods.

A Venezuelan Tree of Life Myth

This creation myth describes a time when the ancestors of the Pemon suffered from great hunger and how the agouti, then a man, discovered a magical tree in the jungle which was laden down with all the fruits and vegetables in the world.

Auld Cruivie

Returning back to Scotland, with one of the classic environmental folk tales – Auld Cruivie, or Jack and the Dancing Trees.

The Gift of Kü

Contributed by Grian A. Cutanda, we see in this Hawaiian legend another strong connection between spirituality and trees.

Planting for the Next Generation

Few people bother to plan beyond their own life span. When my uncle began planting an orchard at age eighty the neighbors thought he was batty. But I remembered this story.

The Dryad of the Old Oak

In olden times there was a youth named Rhoecus. One day as he wandered through the wood he saw an ancient oak tree, trembling and about to fall.

The Old Man Who Made the Trees Blossom

Once upon a time there was a very kind old man and his wife living in a certain village. Next door to them lived a very mean old man and his wife. The kind old couple had a little white dog named Shiro.

The Plum Tree

Once there lived at Momoyama Fushimi, an old gardener, Hambei, who was loved and respected for his kindliness of nature and his great honesty. Though a poor man, Hambei had saved enough to live on; and he had inherited a house and garden from his father.

Oak Royal

Many years ago there was a small kingdom on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Here lived a pretty king called Eochaid, a grandson of the great Kenneth MacAlpine.

Jenny Wren

It starts with the snap of a twig. The crackling is sudden and slight, not out of sorts for being in woodland, surely.


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