The Silent Friends

This recent short film by Kauri Multimedia pays tribute to trees in a touching and visually stunning way, as well as being beautifully narrated by Penelopi Strati. All the footage was taken across Spain, and a map of all the trees can be found here.

‘You have so much left to teach us because of all the things you’ve seen.

Some of you have enjoyed one thousand summers, or even longer.

You are the countryside, the landscape, the fragrance, the shelter and the shade.

You are the stories – past and present.

You are the shrines that we visit to calm us down, and you are the perfect listener.

You ask for nothing in return, and you give everything.

You live within your means, true to yourself.

Alive and standing when sometimes we are not.

For you, time is never lost.

Confident in your solitude, some of you have your own horizons.

You travel with us – we are in this together.

What are your long thoughts?

You are all special, you are all important.

I look forward to our next conversation.’


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