the thieveries of light
dipsomaniac luminosity stealing into trees

nude and blanched mere skeletons
the birches’ trunks
blink in the sun kites of new leaves flying dazzling leaf-music

greening sun-in-the-eyes and beneath them
the long eyelashes the angular
body-language of the ferns
sinuous like malnourished models on catwalks
hips out androgynous
each bone a flourish

the fiddle-headed fern
has her mind full of improvisations
her graceful wrist and taut strings ready
seductive as the nightingale and the cuckoo
the light-fingered music
is rendered by ear green against the light heady

the vibrations sweet as the blind seer’s perfect pitch
with the breezes’ riffs drifting in above the bright burns
and their jazzy flashes of percussion
in this wildwood in this ancient woodland

Joanna Paterson

Photo credit: Moyan Brenn


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