Following the trees at the Botanic Gardens

The Botanics in Edinburgh – image credit Morag Wells

As part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, all this week there have been Tree Trails at the Royal Botanic Gardens led by storytellers Janis MacKay, Ken Shapley and David Campbell. Exploring the lore and legends of trees through a walk through the Botanic’s impressive woods, complete with didgeridoo and whistle accompaniment from Ken, this is a very special opportunity to engage with trees as much more than visual additions to landscape. On Saturday the 31st, the final Tree Trail will be concluded with another event entitled Whispering Trees which will bring together a range of stories told over the week. Can you think of any spooky tree tales in time for Halloween? If you can, please comment or email if you would like to contribute to the Tree of Life blog!

Janis MacKay and Ken Shapleyjaniswithstaff



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