Another World is Possible at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

In Edinburgh, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival is now in full swing, with a specific focus on building a greener world with a host of tree-themed events (which can be found here). But a special mention deserves to be placed on Grian A. Cutanda’s talk ‘Another World is Possible: Traditional Stories, the Earth Charter and Fresh Thinking‘ on Saturday. Grian explored the ways in which there is potential to place stronger links between traditional storytelling, education and ecological thinking, and has himself collected more than 300 stories which he believes can positively contribute towards the change in worldview which is so vital in shaping our response to climate change. Ethnologist and cultural activist Mairi McFadyen (as well as being the current National Storytelling Coordinator) has already blogged her thoughts and responses to the talk here, which is well worth the read.

Grian finished off the talk with this wonderful story, The Secret of Dreaming, an Australian Aboriginal myth of creation which perfectly encapsulates the kind of worldview philosophy we should be aiming towards in our ecological thinking.


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