Planting for the Next Generation

Thanks again go to Grian A. Cutanda for contributing this story, source below.

MACDONALD, Margaret R. (2005). Earth Care: World Folktales to Talk About. Little Rock: August House, p. 118

Few people bother to plan beyond their own life span. When my uncle began planting an orchard at age eighty the neighbors thought he was batty. But I remembered this story. 

One day neighbors saw Nasreddin Hodja busily planting trees in the field near his home. Everyone gathered around and began to poke fun.

“Whatever possessed you to start planting trees at your age? There is not a chance you will live to see these saplings mature!”

The Hodja just kept on with his work. After a while he straightened up and gave the assembled crowd a careful look.

“Did it occur to you,” he wondered, “that I might be planting trees for the next generation?”

And he stooped to his work once more.


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